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Fridja Steamers on Dragons’ Den In Pictures

Oh hi!

Ben here. What a ride. Feel a bit sick, but in a good way, like too many M&Ms.

Here’s my Dragons Den journey in pictures. You can always watch it on BBC iPlayer if you missed it.

Thanks to everyone, especially Nick and Deborah! xx
















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Evening Standard: The Product We Want To Own

Just a day before probably our biggest moment so far, The Evening Standard (HUGE UK newpaper btw) has pronounced:

In Episode 1 of the latest series, there was one product that stood above the rest as the one we’d really want to own. It’s called Fridja, and it’s a clothes steamer.

Incredibly nice of them. Remind me to buy everyone who works there a drink and a McFlurry.

Here’s the article in it’s full glory. You can also read it here. Yay!

Evening Standard Fridja Dragons Den

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Our Wonderful Partners

Fridja steamers loves it’s partners, please visit them at these links!

West Wing De


Ironing Supplies



Secret Sales





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Time Out – Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Christmas is brilliant in so many ways. Food, tv and East 17, who could wish for anything better? Well it’s sweet that Time Out just made our Christmas early.

‘This, my friend, is the end of ironing”

Ta very much Time Out!!!!

The End Of Ironing!!

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Freundin Donna

Oh hello Freundin Donna!

It’s nice when people write about you, especially when you didn’t know anything about it! The amazing people at Freundin Donna did just that!

Danke danke.

Freundin Donna

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Telegraph Fashion Christmas Gift Guide

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Drapers – Interview

So it seems the lovely people at massively high brow rag mag Drapers, Rebekah Roy to be specific (big in the game stylist), asked me to do an interview! Ta very much. Here it is in full.

PS When you google Drapers you get loads of pictures of Don Draper. Result.

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The Sun

Oh hello!

It seems that The Sun have taken a liking to our video! Glad to hear! Here is it on their video viral homepage. They said “WHITE shirt outnumbered by army of dancing steamers in hot viral”. Indeed.

Click the picture to be taken to the Sun website!

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George Lamb

It’s great when someone mega famous likes your project. It’s even better when he’s a superstar with a superstar dad, and a superstar business portfolio. You may know that other than being a DJ and TV legend, George Lamb managed the mega fab Lily Allen on her way up but what you may not know is that he is also bankrolling and guiding the massive talent Adrien Sauvage. Adrien makes amazing suits that any popstar worth his salt will try and don. Basically, you know you’ve made it when you’ve got one of these suits. I’m keeping both fingers crossed that Father Christmas reads my blog, and that he doesn’t think I’ve been too much of a chief this year.

Thanks for the pic George!


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Nuvonova – A Blogger’s Review

‘The Apple of garment steamers’ – Nuvonova.

Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to find! Check out her blog here, it’s a good read! Check out her Etsy shop and some of the (freshly steamed) garms on offer here.

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