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We Launch Our Whole Fruit Slow Juicer!

Today’s the day, we’re bring out our whole fruit slow juicer!
whole fruit slow juicer


We’re super proud of bring out new products, and the today we’re launching arguing our best product yet! We’re moving forward as a company, deciding to expand into all home tech in your house. Our ethos, as always, is to be the best you you can be. We want you to look good on the outside, and our clothes steamers have been taking away creases for years. Now we’re moving inside your body too (!) We want you to feel as good as you look, and that means providing your body with the vitamins and enzymes it craves. Our whole fruit slow juicer, the f1800, is the most technologically advanced juicer on the planet. It’s a power house that is ready for you for years. Juices, smoothies, fruit ice cream and nut milks just to start with. BPA free and made of the best materials on the planet, this is your new daily kitchen friend!

So, without futher ado! We would love to show you our brand spanking new, whole fruit slow juicer, the f1800! Please let us know what you think in the comments section and follow our YouTube channel for videos on how to get the most out of our products! Thanks for reading!


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Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

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Fridja Steamers On This Morning With Our Response!

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Dragons Den In HD

Here’s Fridja Steamers incredible ride in Dragons Den. Hello to all our new friends!

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Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week SS13 – The Fridja Movie!

You know how at Fridja, we love to make a movie, well we made one of our adventures at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week SS13. Here it is for you to enjoy!!

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Fridja School

As you lay on your deathbed, I’ve heard that you might summarise some of your lives achievements. If you’re a mountain climber, you might say ‘kids, I climbed some big mountains’. They would be happy. If you were like that funny one from Little Britain you might say ‘kids, I swam lots for charity’. They would be happy. But if you’re in the garment care trade, I believe that only Fridja have the right to say ‘kids, we made Fridja School’. I’m not 100% sure my kids would be fussed. However! Those of you who own a Fridja Steamer will definitely happy!

Fridja School is the ultimate guide to show anyone how very simple it is to use a steamer. Have a little look at the trailer!

So why not head over there right now to see how to master your favourite steamer. Don’t forget you can tweet at us to tell us what you think on twitter @fridja!

Click here to be taken to Fridja School!

Thank you to all the models, helpers and pizza makers.

Here are the amazing credits:

Styling – Holly Chaves

Make up – Debbie Finnegan

Photography – Lee Whittiker

Shot at Studio Private, Shoreditch.

Everything else – Fridja LTD.

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Fridja F-1000 Professional Garment Clothes Steamers Film

Here is our film. We recommend you play in full screen for full HD!

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