About Fridja

  • First prototypes of the f1000

    In 2009, the founders of Fridja had a clear concept of what they wanted from a clothes steamer. Sleek, quick to power up and lightweight. Most importantly, it had to be in fun colours! The beginnings of the F-1000s had been born.
  • f1000 Released to the Market

    In September 2010, Fridja released the F-1000 to a warm audience. Starting on eBay and Amazon, sales began at a steady pace.
  • Fridja's First Website

    Voted possibly the most clunky and unmobile friendly website of all time, the Fridja shop went online.
  • Stylists fall in love with the f1000

    After a couple of months on the market, various stylists began getting in touch. Good looking steamers were a clear gap in the market.
  • 'Fashion Lover Cleans Up With Steaming Idea' - The Evening Standard

    The Evening Standard writes a full page article on Fridja Steamers, and we suddenly burst into bedrooms, shops and studios all over the UK. The boss buys a laptop.
  • 'We Love Fridja Steamers' - Telegraph Fashion

    Out of the blue, Telegraph Fashion profess they 'Love Fridja Steamers'. We decide quickly, we love them too.
  • Fridja Steamers becomes the official steamer of London Fashion Weekend

    The British Fashion Council get in touch and ask Fridja Steamers to be their long term partner for their fabulous event London Fashion Weekend.
  • Designers use Fridja Steamers

    It becomes clear that designers such as Henry Holland, Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Basso and Brook, Eley Kishimoto and Cassette Playa are all fans of Fridja clothes steamers.
  • Bloggers show Fridja Steamers the love

    Style Bubble - aka Queen of the Blogs professes using a Fridja clothes steamer.
  • Fridja Steamers are used at X Factor

    When X Factor really ruled the screen, Fridja were being used to steam the outfits before the shows.
  • Fridja Steamers used at high profile BFC events

    Fridja steamers were chosen to provide garment care for Esthetica organised by the BFC, and for the Japanese show at the Barbican.
  • Peaches Geldoff takes a pic

    Sweet late Peaches Geldoff sends us a selfie with her and a steamer.
  • Fridja Steamers sell out on Shopping TV

    On our first ever show, Fridja steamers sell out on Shopping TV.
  • Garment Care at Tower Bridge

    For the first time ever, a catwalk event was organised on Tower Bridge. We happily provide the garment care.
  • We get pop cakes that look like Fridja Steamers

    For a laugh. And they taste buff.
  • George Lamb sends us a pic

    Handsome George. Cheers.

  • Fridja Steamers are used at the new Central Saint Martins Campus

    We provide their steamers and they show us around their new campus, which is pretty amazing...
  • Fridja School

    We launch Fridja School, the most ambitious video guide on how to use a garment steamer ever created.
  • Grazia / Berlin Fashion Week

    We provide garment care at Berlin Fashion Week in association with Grazia.
  • Tel Aviv Fashion Week

    We provide garment care at Tel Aviv fashion week.
  • MOBO Awards

    We provide garment care at the MOBO awards.
  • f1400 Launched

    Fridja bring out their second steamer, the F-1400.

    In a new boxy design with remote control, it's an instant hit.

  • Fridja Provide Steamers for London Fashion Week

    The ultimate goal of Fridja steamers, we finally steam garments in our hometown's Fashion Week.
  • Fridja Revamp the website, logo and boxes

    Fridja stay ahead and update their image with a fancy new website.
  • Dragons' Den

    We appear on BBCs Dragons' Den and make new friends - Deborah Meaden and Nick Jenkins! Watch on our blog now!
  • Fridja Steamers on This Morning

    And YES they make steam based pun jokes!

  • Fridja Loves Home Tech

    We realise that there's more to life than getting dressed, there's drinking buff healthy drinks. So we decide to branch out.
  • We present our Whole Fruit Slow Juicer

    Rising from the ashes of our sister company Veto Juicers, we launch our AMAZING whole fruit slow juicer. Juices, smoothies and fruit ice cream. We're about to have a whole lot of juice.