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The Bijou Steamer | Ideal Home Magazine

We LOVE Ideal Home Magazine, and it seems they also love us a bit too! Calling the f10 ‘The Bijou Steamer’! It’s all we’ve ever dreamt of!



Perfect for use at home or abroad, the compact Fridja clothes steamer will get your party dress crease-free in no time. Packing light? Leave the tank at home and attach to a water bottle instead.


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Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine

We asked the bosses of Flybe how many colours the Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer comes in and this was the picture they sent us! TOTALLY CORRECT!


Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine

Obviously not just pretty faces.


We all know that the f10 is awesome for travelling, but when we see the Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine, we really were over the moon! Or at least over Prague.

They really were very lovely about our f10 handheld clothes steamer.



Following the success of their garment steamers and juicers, Fridja has designed the first net-generation handheld travel clothes steamer. The f10 uses technology unavailable in any other travel steamer, including a huge 1500w heater for the ultimate plume of steam, a heated plate to get rid of stubborn creases and pump technology which deliver calm, measured steam without any splitting. The f10 is perfect for all clothes, including wedding dresses, as well as soft furnishings such as bedding and curtains.

Thank you Flybe! Take home points? Fly with Flybe and a Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer and even you might marry a Prince!

Flybe based in Exeter, England, is the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Flybe carry 8 million passengers a year between 81 airports across the UK and Europe, with over 210 routes across 15 countries.


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We Are Fridja

We created a short video for our Facebook cover and thought it was nice enough to put as our YouTube intro video, we hope you enjoy it too!

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Evening Standard | Fridja f10 ‘Thank me later’


The Evening Standard – you really are a bunch of babes. They’ve featured the Fridja f10 handheld steamer in their Life and Style section!


The feature in Evening Standard’s Life and Style section said:


Fridja f10 Steamer Top tip – ironing sucks, but somehow, steaming is OK. The Fridja is perfect for when you’re travelling or to be honest, if you just need to get the creases out from being seated all day. Thank me later.

We’d like to thank you now Evening Standard!

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We Launch Our f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer

f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


Have you ever felt rough, and then had a juice and everything seems better? We have. That’s why we love juicers. And we’ve designed the best advanced whole fruit juicer out there. Big claim, but we’re super confident about it. Meet Sergio!


Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


After our successful launch and sale of Mario, our f1800 whole fruit juicer, we listened to the feedback and updated him for 2018. Sergio keeps the same fundamentals that mean a great juicer. He’s got a power auger that squeezes fruits and vegetables to produce cold press juice. He avoids using blades to shred fruit and vegetables apart, and thus reduces oxidisation. This means that juice retains more nutrients and vitamins (and avoids juice going brown, ewww).


Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


The main improvement is the feeding chute. The three-inch feeding chute is clearly a winner, but what separates Sergio the advanced whole fruit juicer from the competition is that the feeding chute is at an angle. This angle means that less (or none) of the produce gets stuck at the top. It’s a much easier process to juice and much less (or none) is wasted. By feeding in at an angle, you’ll be maximising your juice and minimising your waste. Ba, da, boom.


Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


Sergio, just like Mario, is capable of producing much more than just juice. The f1900 is also a beast at smoothies. Take thawed frozen fruit and add into the f1900 and you’ll be gifted with gorgeous tasty healthy smoothies. Pretty exciting stuff. Lastly, Sergio comes with the fruit ice cream attachment. Fruit ice cream is so good, and healthy! We’re surprised it’s legal.


Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


Designing the f1900


We’ve also taken a design change, we’re going #allblackeverything. We’ve always loved black products, our bestsellers have always been Karl, Alexander and Raf. We’re loving the black minimal look of modern kitchens, so we decided to make a juicer that fits in perfectly. I mean, he’s gorgeous! So not only is he functioning great, he looks the part. Proper handsome.


Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer


And when you’re done with juicing, there’s no blade and dry pulp, so washing up is a doddle. Check out more about Sergio, our advanced whole fruit juicer here, or head to the product page to buy for next day delivery.

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Top 5 Reasons To Replace An Iron with a Clothes Steamer

Whether at a trade show or on the internet, a top question we often get asked is what are 5 reasons to replace an iron with a clothes steamer. If you’ve every known anyone who owns a clothes steamer, they are often advocates of why you should ditch the iron and get on your feet with a clothes steamer, but what are they really saying? Let’s get straight to it and explain our 5 reasons to replace an iron with a clothes steamer.

Top 5 Reasons To Replace An Iron with a Clothes Steamer



There are so many reasons a Fridja clothes steamer is faster than a typical iron. Firstly when clothes are hung up, they are much easier to see how the garment is supposed to hang, rather than laid down on an ironing board. When clothes are hung up, you can see where the creases are and when stroking the steamer head against fabric, they will melt away.

When ironing it’s very easy to create creases too. Iron the front and you might be ironing in a crease somewhere on the back! It’s an all too familiar story. When using a clothes steamer and the garment is hung up, you won’t create creases as you aren’t flattening the fabric against a hard surface like an ironing board.





Ironing is very difficult and some people never master it. Clothes steamers on the other hand have a very different story. Clothes steamers typically are used in shops, by very inexperienced sales assistants. They learn very quickly and never damage clothes. Do you ever see irons on shop floors? No.

Clothes steamers take just a short time to understand and the whole process is very simple. We’ve made this short video highlighting the top five tips on how to use a clothes steamer.



More Versatile


Clothes steamers are much more versatile than irons. Irons have hot metal plates that can burn so many materials, whereas clothes steamers only use steamer to relax materials and remove creases. From delicate materials like silk, chiffon, lace, wedding dresses and saris to formalwear like suit and office attire, clothes steamers won’t burn, stick or damage to any fabrics. The use of steam alone is the reason that dry cleaners will use clothes steamers like this and not hot irons on delicate fabrics.


In addition you can use clothes steamers around the house. Soft furnishing like sofas, armchairs and even beddings can benefit from hot steam to reduce mild odours, freshen fabrics and make more hygienic. Clothes steamers are also ideal for curtains and drapes, simply steam them whilst hung up. They will look much better than taking them down and ironing them or taking them to the dry cleaners. This will also provide a significant saving in money.


More Gentle


Unfortunately for most people, we’ve had that moment where we’ve put an iron onto a piece of clothing that we shouldn’t have and ending up burning it, and ruining the clothes forever. Be it a dress, a pair of trousers or suit jacket that goes shiny or t shirt with print, nobody likes to ruin clothes.

Clothes steamers are much more gentle than irons, that’s why they are used in clothes shops all over the world.

If you’re planning on decreasing a whole event, like a wedding, you’ll 100% want a clothes steamer. Wedding dresses are expensive and beautiful, they should only be used with clothes steamers, see our video for a quick how to steam a wedding dress.



Better Looking Than an Iron and an Ironing Board


From students to professionals, from those in front of the camera and those behind, we all look better in a freshly steamed outfit. So that means that before we get dressed, we need to prepare our clothes.

When you have a Fridja steamer in your room or wardrobe, turning on take 45 seconds and you’re steaming within a minute. Once steamed you leave the shirt, blouse or dress on the hanger ready for your entrance from the shower. Having a clothes steamer in the corner of the room looks fabulous, just pick your favourite colour. Let’s face it, who’s lived with an ironing board constantly set up in their room like an ugly second table? A Fridja clothes steamer is not only practical, it looks awesome.



So there are our 5 reasons to replace an iron with a clothes steamer, do you agree? Did we miss any out? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Browse our colourful clothes steamers here and see the improvements we’ve made to our flagship clothes steamers in this blog post here or the video below.


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Fridja f1000 and f1400 Dampfgerät Neustart – Fünf Verbesserungen

Im Januar 2018, Fridja f1000 und f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch! Wir haben 5 neue Verbesserungen vorgenommen und wir konnten es kaum erwarten, es Ihnen zu sagen. In diesem Video erfahren Sie alles darüber!


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f10 Product Overview Video!

Wow! We are SO PROUD to show our new fabulous 4 minute video. Find out all about our f10 handheld clothes steamer and learn how to ace destination weddings like a G!

Maximum power, crease busting, long lasting water tank, gorgeous aesthetics and reasonably priced. We are SO EXCITED to tell you all about it! However we’d like to start by telling you about how we got here. There are so many clothes steamers on the market, so how is ours different? Well we knew exactly what our competition was, and how we were going to be better than every single one of them.

Getting our handheld travel clothes steamer wasn’t easy to be honest. It took much longer than we’d like. There are so many variables and none that you want to compromise on. There are loads on the market, but none can compete with ours. Let us show you why!




Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer

The Fridja 10 Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer has THE SAME POWER AS A FULL SIZE CLOTHES STEAMER.

Strong Stubborn Creases, Careful On Delicate Materials


We managed to cram all the power of a full sized steamer into a handheld unit, 1500w. We’ve also coupled it with a heated metal plate, combining the power of steam and a hot ironing plate. This hot plate ensures that stubborn creases from materials like linen, cotton and denim stand no chance. NONE!

When using on delicate materials, just use the net guard. This ensures the metal plate doesn’t damage any silk, chiffon, satin, cashmere, beads, sequins or anything else you’d find on delicate garments (including wedding dresses and Asian clothing such as saris). Check out our video on how to steam a wedding dress!







Here at Fridja, we’re very shallow and we’re not afraid to admit it. We NEED our appliances to look the part. So many steamers are just FUGLY. We refused to bring out a travel clothes steamer that looked anything other than gorgeous! Sporting three colours, Raf (Black), Erin (White) and Gigi (Pink) are the best looking clothes steamers on the planet. We hope you agree!





Our clothes steamer lasts for a whopping 14 minutes MINIMUM. There’s a continuous steam button, so there’s no holding down the button either. You won’t be filling up the tank over and over again when steaming, leaving you time to get refresh fabrics and zap all the creases away!

Our f10 handheld travel steamer weighs under 900g, which is super light. That means you can steam away without any strain to your arms and shoulders!


Handheld Clothes Steamers



Our f10 Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer comes with a host of accessories that are actually really useful (gasp!) Here’s a breakdown.

Water Bottle Adaptor


When travelling, you want to be as light as possible. Especially when you’re only travelling with hand luggage. We’ve all been there, you think the hotel will have an iron (which still isn’t as good as a steamer), and you get there and it’s not available. Or an Airbnb just doesn’t have an iron. So you get out your shirt or dress and it’s a crumpled mess. Nightmare. No longer we say! Instead of carrying the water bottle, just bring the water bottle adaptor! Just slot it in and use the local water!

Travel Clothes Steamer

Folding Hanger


Because it’s much easier to steam when garments are hung up, just use this!Travel Clothes Steamer

Collar Adaptor


In order to get the most sharp collar, we’ve developed the collar press adaptor, particularly awesome for shirts. Just slip this under the collar and get PERFECT collars every time.

Handheld Travel Steamer Collar Press

Luxury Carry Case


We couldn’t complete our new handheld travel clothes steamer without an awesome carry case, so we didn’t! Put all your accessories and steamer in it’s home!


Handheld Travel Steamer Luxury Carry Case

To conclude, we are SO HAPPY with our new clothes steamer and we think you will be too. Find out more here and purchase one in our shop today here.

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Fridja f1000 and f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch Video

In January 2018, Fridja f1000 and f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch! We’ve made 5 new improvements and we couldn’t wait to tell you. This video tells you all about it!



We’ve reconstructed the head of our clothes steamers into one solid unibody stainless steel panel. The removal of all screws was an engineering feat that allows you ultimate confidence when steaming even the most delicate of garments. Now the heads are 100% smooth with better flow and glide than ever before!



Faster Heat Up Time

Now using an f1000 or f1400 is so much faster! From cold water to hot steam is now only 35 seconds! We’ve shaved off a massive 10 seconds from the start up time. This 22.5% improvement means that by the time you’ve turned on your machine and hung up your garment, you’ll be ready to steam. In the office we managed to steam a shirt in under 3 minutes total and under 2 minutes for a dress!



More Steam

We are now proud to say that our best selling steamers emit even more steam than they did. Our average steam output was 25 grams per seconds, we’ve now turned that up to a whopping 30 grams per second. This 20% increase will melt creases even faster. Glide the steamer over even the most stubborn of creases and they will simply melt away.



Improved Stand

Our stands now use special clamps to go from storage size to full size. By using clamps, the action of erecting the steamer is much much faster and much safer. Opening a clamp and closing it takes no time, and ensures you are steaming much much faster than before.


Improved Accessories and Multilingual Instruction Manual

Our steamers now come with instruction manuals with five languages inside! That’s right, our French, Spanish, Italian and German customers will have full instructions out of the box. Should you wish to peruse them right now, please click these links for our f1000 instruction manual and our f1400 instruction manual. Our steamers now come with two cleaning sachets in the box, which will last for 3 years for domestic use. These cleaning sachets will remove all limescale from the heater and steamer head, ensuring a clean and steady steam flow. A clean heater will also lead to a long and productive life of a steamer.



The UK and Europe’s best clothes steamers just got even better! The question is, when will the model with these improvements be released? The wonderful answer? 1st January 2018! Every steamer bought from now on will now have these improvements!

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Condé Nast College | How To Be A Stylist

Fashion Stylist’s Handbook author Danielle Griffiths, asked me to accompany her for a lecture at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design during which she reveals her trade secrets when working as a fashion stylist.


After a rocky journey in, I arrived with a couple of steamers to show the students. I’m not sure i’ve ever seen so many iPhone X’s.


Conde Naste


Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design


In the heart of soho, buried amongst the best places to eat in the UK, you’ll find the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. A gloriously fresh white walled grey floored building. The lecture was to a small group of students who were studying their BA in Fashion Communications.


Conde Naste

Conde Naste


Danielle Griffiths


Danielle is a freelance stylist, whose work appears in Belgium’s De Standaard Magazine. It’s the equivalent of the Sunday Times etc. Her combination of experience and frankness (on how to be a boss stylist) was truly enlightening. Although I won’t go into loads of the lecture (they aren’t my secrets to tell!) I will tell you three things that I learnt in the lecture. Then I will show you what I had for lunch.


Conde Naste


First Golden Nugget


You can buy a special product that removes white marks from deodorant. However, if you get the foam from a hanger from the dry cleaners, it removes it for free! First golden nugget did not disappoint did it?


Conde Naste

Props to all those who work at Hangerworld, we’re basically family.

Second Golden Gem


You can buy a portable changing room, which is great for shoots on a location where there might not be a suitable changing room. It might also be great if there’s a long line in Topshop. Danielle suggested to use a hula hoop with some material instead! Amazing!


Conde Naste


Final Nugget of Delight


The last one from me is a simple saying. And I think it’s a good one!


A man’s jacket should always button left over right, as a woman is always right… over left.


Conde Naste


And now you know! Thank you so much Danielle! Be sure to check our her instagram, her tag #knowyourstylists and her blog. Oh and buy the book for more golden nuggets obvs.


Conde Naste


And seeing as you asked so nicely, here’s what I had for lunch. I give it a 6/10 of noodle soups. But i give noodles soups as a food group a 9/10.


Conde Naste

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