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Metro | The Lust List

The Metro is a HUGE deal in London with 1.5 million readers a day! So when they talk about new tech that they want in the lust list, we listen.


Metro | The Lust List


Today, Fridja 19th January 2018, saw Lucy Hedges’ brilliant lust list featuring our gorgeous pink f10! It seems she doesn’t share my obsession with both steamers and extension cables (seriously, who doesn’t love excessive plug sockets?) Nevertheless our f10 handheld clothes steamer stands out on the page.


A steamer sounds about as exciting as an extension cable but if ironing is as tedious for you as it is for us, this nifty crease and crinkle eliminator helps you live the household-chore dream. £99.99,


An amazing mention from a giant of the press, thanks Lucy and everyone who worked on The Lust List. See the article in full high resolution glory here


The Lust List

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Wardrobe Icons | Guide To Wardrobe Detox

It’s January. Need we say more? New year, new you? New yawn? Never mind, let’s declutter! At least the legendary Wardrobe Icons are here to help!

January – time to rethink, refresh and kick-start the year. With that in mind, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to organise your wardrobe like a pro.

We feel that ‘organisation’ is our middle name – so much so that we have a section dedicated to it on our home page, featuring everything from the best space-saving hangers to the breathable boxes you need to store your seasonal clothes. Read on for our top organisational tips.

– Petro

Wardrobe Icons


 1 – Use a Folding Board

Your new healthy addiction


Wardrobe Icons


You may think you don’t need a folding board in your life, but we guarantee it will instantly change the look of your wardrobe, and it makes folding a lot easier!


2 – Take Pictures of Shoes/Trainers

No more chaos?


Wardrobe Icons


This is actually genius (editors note).

For the super-organised among you we suggest taking a picture of your precious shoes, storing them in boxes in your wardrobe and then sticking the photos to the front of the boxes. It saves heaps of time when you are looking for a specific pair in a rush. It also makes putting them away more methodical as you don’t waste energy looking for the empty box. You can also do this for coats and dresses that aren’t on display.


3 – Use Fancy Trouser Hangers

Try these?


Wardrobe Icons


For our tailored trousers we love men’s open hangers: they don’t damage fabric and are so easy to access. We would advise against clip-on or press-down ones, as they can leave marks (especially on leather and silk). Plus, these ones have a short ‘neck’ that takes up little space lengthwise, thus making the most of your trouser slot. Every centimetre counts!


4 – Be Careful with Bags/Handbags.

Keep in dust bags if possible!


Wardrobe Icons


We’ve learnt that a big no-go when it comes to stains on leather bags is at-home remedies like baby wipes, as they have damaging and oil-stripping chemicals. Consider sending bags to be professionally cleaned and always store them in their original dust bags where possible.


5 – Use Drawer Separators and Lavender Pouches

Adult heaven


Wardrobe Icons


The smalls drawer is usually where people’s organisation falls apart, but actually it’s the easiest place to keep tidy. Find drawer separators or shallow boxes anywhere from Ikea to Muji, and divide your bras, pants, socks and tights. It makes it easier to find the right thing when you need it. If  your drawer is wide enough, consider separating colours too. We like to add natural lavender pouches to ours as they are a great moth-deterrent and smell amazing too.


6 – Have Some Favourites On Display

Open up shop, avoid insane rate costs


Wardrobe Icons


Part of having a well-curated wardrobe is putting some of it on display. It gives us great joy to see pieces we might not necessarily reach for every day but that we enjoy looking at none the less.


7 – Use Stacker Trays

Be more Japanese!


Wardrobe Icons


We’re a huge fan of Stackers trays, as it’s so easy to forget which jewellery you have and seeing them all in one go means you will make the most of wearing different pieces. The trays come in varying sizes and have different compartments so everything has its place. They also stack on top of one another so you can fit quite a lot in a small space.


8 – Organise Tights By Thickness!

Unless you don’t wear tights


Wardrobe Icons

This tip came from Racil Chalhoub and we thought it was pure genius. She organises her tights by thickness, so when she’s looking for a specific pair she at least knows which side to start from. She also keeps the original packaging so they stay as separated as possible.


9 – Steam, Steam, Steam!

Heated water equals Zen bliss. We promise.


Wardrobe Icons


I keep all my jumpers neatly folded on shelves at eye level as it makes for the most convenient dressing. We’ve learnt never to hang or tumble-dry our cashmere pieces. When it comes to hand-washing, we advise turning your cashmere inside out, using tepid water (never hot) and swishing your piece gently with your hands and a good cashmere wash. Lay your knit flat to dry and steam it to remove wrinkles.


We have found the Rolls-Royce of travel steamers at Fridja – it heats up super-quickly and never leaks.


Thanks very much (editors note, again, probably the last one).


10 – Make Space For Beach Bags

Beach bags are not just for summer.


Wardrobe Icons


Beach baskets are often neglected and end up being used as storage for the best part of the year, but carving a space for them in your wardrobe is key, especially as raffia is quite delicate. Being bulky items, you can always store them nested inside one another, which will also help in keeping their shape.



An amazing lists for a new year, read the full article here – Wardrobe Icons Guide To Wardrobe Detox.

Let’s sort out the cupboard in 2018! Feel free to add any tips of your own in the comments section!

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Permanent Style | Christmas List

Simon Crompton from Permanent Style is one of those aspirational characters. You know when you’re making tea and you put too much milk and you think, that will do, well Simon would not. We should all be a bit more like Simon.


Permanent Style


Permanent Style

Permanent Style was born in 2007 and grew mainly by word of mouth. Simon provided an intelligent and sophisticated voice for the remaining gentlemen out there. He’s been praised by the likes of GQ, Esquire, The Times, How to Spend It, The New York Times and lots of others. His blog provides a fresh and untainted independent voice in the clutter of paid advertorials. He’ll make a legendary grandfather.


Permanent Style


Permanent Style Christmas List 2017

Permanent Style released their Christmas List for 2017 on Wednesday 29th November 2017. The list contains ten gorgeous lusted over items including mentions of two our our steamers, Karl and Raf. However we’d love to point out a few of the other items we loved in our office.


Anglo-Italian pocket squares

From Permanent Style:

For the man in the office that wants to dress up without looking out of place, a dark-toned pocket square can be a nice, subtle addition to an outfit.

This is something I have covered more than once before, and for that please forgive me.

But the Anglo-Italian hanks, in dark and harmonious block colours, deserve a place on this list for answering that need so perfectly.

Permanent Style


Tanner Bates oak bark-tanned notebook

From J&FJ Baker, the last remaining oak-bark English tannery, which supplies leather soles to all the Northamption shoemakers we love.

A notebook cover that can be polished and will look increasingly good with age. And inserts that are refillable, to allow it to be used for all those years.

Offered by a site called Waremakers, which resells a nicely curated selection of accessories, bags and homewares.

Permanent Style


10 Transience Studio ceramics

I met potter May Tremain at the pop-up store recently.

Her husband is a reader of the blog and they came by the show me some of her work.

May’s wabi-sabi philosophy chimed with me immediately, as I did a lot of studying around Japanese crafts and concepts when I travelled there last year.

The unfinished look won’t be for everyone, but if you do like it, I recommend the mugs and black rough/polished bowls.

There is a little stock in the studio but most things are made to order.



What a wonderful list! Check out Permanent Style here, they post three times a week and no doubt his influence will do you wonders. Thank you Simon.
Permanent Style
You can read the whole thing here – Permanent Style Christmas List.


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Cleaning and Descaling A Clothes Steamer

As with any water based product, clothes steamers need regular maintenance to ensure a long and productive life, including cleaning and descaling. Please follow these procedures showing the best method of cleaning and descaling a clothes steamer. The rate of which you carry out maintenance on a clothes steamer will depend on usage, however we recommend you carry this procedure out at least every two months for domestic use and every week for commercial use.


How To Clean A Clothes Steamer

It’s advisable to drain the water after heavy use or or whilst storing. Unplug the steamer, remove the hose and telescopic pole and take to the bathroom or a large sink.


Descale A Clothes Steamer


On the side of the steamer, there is a drainage valve, for removing water inside the steamer.


Descale A Clothes Steamer


In order to flush the inside of the steamer and remove mineral deposits, fill up the tank and place on the unit whilst inside the bath or large sink. Open the valve and release the remaining water inside the machine into a large sink or bath. With the drainage valve open, let the water flow through the system and flush any impurities.


Descale A Clothes Steamer

Descale A Clothes Steamer


Once fully drained, remove the water tank and wipe down the reservoir with a towel.


Descale A Clothes Steamer

How To Descale A Clothes Steamer

To descale, fully assemble the steamer, including the pole and hose, and fill up the water tank with water. Open one of the packets of detergents carefully and pour a quarter of the packet inside the tank.



Place the water tank on the unit. Open a window and turn on the steamer, pointing the steam towards the window. Leave the steamer on for at least 15 minutes.


Descale A Clothes Steamer


After at least 15 minutes has passed, turn the steamer off and drain the water from the tank and the inside.


Descale A Clothes Steamer


Replace the water with fresh water and leave on for another 15 minutes. Finally drain again and wipe down the steamer including the reservoir. Your clothes steamer is now cleaned, descaled and maintained.

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Fridja f1000 and f1400 Relaunch | 5 Huge Improvements

Fridja f1000 and f1400 Relaunch – 5 Huge Improvements



Karl, Kate, Marc, Alexander and all of the f1000 and f1400 gang are gorgeous staples in the Fridja inventory. Since 2010, we’ve sold our clothes steamers across the UK and Europe. So we are SO PROUD to relaunch Fridja f1000 and f1400 clothes steamers for 2018 with five huge improvements!



5 Huge Improvements




We’ve reconstructed the head of our clothes steamers into one solid unibody stainless steel panel. The removal of all screws was an engineering feat that allows you ultimate confidence when steaming even the most delicate of garments. Now the heads are 100% smooth with better flow and glide than ever before!



Faster Heat Up Time

Now using an f1000 or f1400 is so much faster! From cold water to hot steam is now only 35 seconds! We’ve shaved off a massive 10 seconds from the start up time. This 22.5% improvement means that by the time you’ve turned on your machine and hung up your garment, you’ll be ready to steam. In the office we managed to steam a shirt in under 3 minutes total and under 2 minutes for a dress!



More Steam

We are now proud to say that our best selling steamers emit even more steam than they did. Our average steam output was 25 grams per seconds, we’ve now turned that up to a whopping 30 grams per second. This 20% increase will melt creases even faster. Glide the steamer over even the most stubborn of creases and they will simply melt away.



Improved Stand

Our stands now use special clamps to go from storage size to full size. By using clamps, the action of erecting the steamer is much much faster and much safer. Opening a clamp and closing it takes no time, and ensures you are steaming much much faster than before.


Improved Accessories and Multilingual Instruction Manual

Our steamers now come with instruction manuals with five languages inside! That’s right, our French, Spanish, Italian and German customers will have full instructions out of the box. Should you wish to peruse them right now, please click these links for our f1000 instruction manual and our f1400 instruction manual. Our steamers now come with two cleaning sachets in the box, which will last for 3 years for domestic use. These cleaning sachets will remove all limescale from the heater and steamer head, ensuring a clean and steady steam flow. A clean heater will also lead to a long and productive life of a steamer.



The UK and Europe’s best clothes steamers just got even better! The question is, when will the model with these improvements be released? The wonderful answer? 1st January 2018! Every steamer bought from now on will now have these improvements!

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Who What Wear | Best Wardrobe Gadgets

We’re big fans of Who What Wear here in the office! From shopping picks to outfit choices, we check in daily to see the latest and greatest in celebrity style and fashion trends!

What What Wear Best Wardrobe Gadgets Fridja f10

When we found out they’d featured the Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer in the Who What Wear best wardrobe gadgets, we were over the moon!

Show me someone who doesn’t like to make their life easier, and you’ll be showing me a liar. There are shortcuts some of us purposefully seek out for a breezier time (read: more minutes in bed), and those are the ones you particularly need at this time of year when the schedule is chaotic, the weather is cruel and not looking after yourself becomes commonplace.

It’s in these moments that you a) deserve to know how to have a capsule wardrobe and use it to get ready in a few short moments and b) that you need to lean on a few clever items that do a lot of the prep work, the legwork and the faffing around for you. A worker is nothing without their tools, and no matter how organised or efficient you may be, it’s always worth investing in the gadgets that are top of the range and are going to help—not hinder—your busy calendar.

So keep reading to see and shop the best wardrobe gadgets—from the awesome steamer fashion girls swear by to the ingenious item that keeps your sweaters looking brand-new.

What What Wear Best Wardrobe Gadgets Fridja f10

This is the high-tech steamer fashion editors swear by-not only is it super effective, quiet and economical, but it also comes with chic extras like a velvet pouch, collar stand and a fabric casing to soften the impact of steam on delicate fabrics. We’re hooked, and we already can’t remember what an iron looks like.

Check out their full list here – These 13 Wardrobe Gadgets Are Actually Life-Altering.

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PAUSE Mag 10 Styling Kit Essentials

Pause magazine’s 10 styling kit essentials is THE LIST if you want to be a stylist. Knocking together an outfit is certainly a skill, but turn up to a job where you’re charging £200 and up a day, you’ll need these things in your arsenal!

1 – Bag! You need yourself a bag. Whether it’s this bag or another, you’ll need a bag. Two hands and a Sainsbury’s bag for life just won’t cut it.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

2 – f10 Steamer, obvs.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

3 – Sewing kit. Is your nana proud of you? Could you sew up a dodgy hemline? If not, maybe get on YouTube and find out how now?

10 Styling Essentials Kit

4 – Tape! Oh you glorious piece of plastic and glue, how you solve our life sometimes.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

5 – Wipes! Some annoying model got fake tan on your MIH Baby Blue Lebrun Jacket? CURSES! Time to get your wipe on.


6 – A notepad and pen! Typing things into your iPhone 6s just won’t cut it I’m afraid. Pull out some fancy stationary and they’ll know you’re the business. Two week campaign in Barbados job on the horizon?


7 – Pop-Ons. Erm. Good photo! Great idea if you don’t want to deal with an angry PR firm when you return something back with red lipstick on!


8 – Lint roller! Nobody loves your cat or the models cat, especially this brand.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


9 – Labels – stay organised! Everything is expensive and you need to ensure nothing goes missing.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


10 – Pins! Your best friends are these pins. They cost pennies and they save shoots.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


Good list Pause Magazine!

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Stylist Gift Guide


Stylist Gift Guide


They’ve featured our f10 handheld clothes steamer! In the practical section! We would’ve also put it in the top sexy gift section for your loved one, but we are over the moon nevertheless.


Stylist Gift Guide


Amazing!!! Find out more about Gigi (Pink), Erin (White) and Raf (Black) here!

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f10 Raf / Black | SOLD OUT

Well oh well oh well! f10 Raf Black Sold Out!

Fridja f10 Raf/Black Sold Out

Just 20 days after we launched our f10 handheld clothes steamer, we have totally sold out! Absolute shocker.

Fridja f10 Raf/Black Sold Out

We will of course be getting them back in stock in the spring of 2018, but until then we still have stock of Erin and Gigi.

Thank you all for your support!

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f10 Fabulous Gift Guide | The Sun

On Sunday morning, you get up, make the tea, realise there’s no milk, so you go to the local store and buy some. But today, we also bought two copies of the sun for we were in the Fabulous gift guide!

Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Fabulous Gift Guide (The Sun)

Okay, with earl grey in hand, we flick through the glossy mag and find the Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer in the Fabulous gift guide!!!

Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Fabulous Gift Guide (The Sun)

Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Fabulous Gift Guide (The Sun)

It kinda looks like they’ve called it the Flo steamer, which is a great name to be honest, but her name is Gigi. That’s okay.

Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Fabulous Gift Guide (The Sun)

THANK YOU FABULOUS GIFT GUIDE. I think i might just carry on drinking the Earl Grey and read the paper, like a normal people on a Sunday!

If you want to read what other treats you could buy for the one you love (including yourself!) click here for their gift guide online!

Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Fabulous Gift Guide (The Sun)

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