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Welcome to the Fridja shop, the best place online to find gorgeous clothes steamers. Fast to start, cute looking and easily transportable, Fridja handheld clothes steamers brings fabric care into the 21st century. So isn’t it time you found out for yourself why smart people are ditching their irons and turning to Fridja garment steamers?

Their light, compact build and choice of colours allow you to find the perfect clothes steamer to suit your bedroom, shop, studio or household. Your ironing times will shrink and your dry cleaning bills will crumble!

Fridja professional clothes steamers take just 45 seconds to start producing steam and big water storage tanks mean they steam clothes for longer, continually.

You can revive your clothes and eliminate creases in no time at all. More accessories make garment steaming, pressing, cleaning and ironing so much easier. Any fabric, from the most delicate silks to the toughest wool jackets can be refreshed safely. And not just clothes – Fridja clothes steamers are really useful around the house too. Steam your curtains, deodorise your furniture, steam the creases out of your bedding, clean and sanitise children’s toys.

Forget about laborious ironing, steam garments and furniture fabrics like the professionals for an affordable price with a Fridja compact and powerful garment steamer.