How long will it take for my steamer to arrive?

Steamers being delivered to UK mainland should arrive on the next working day provided you have ordered before 1pm GMT (on a weekday). International orders can take up to a week to arrive depending on location, however all products will be dispatched on the same day, provided you place the order before 1pm GMT (on a business day of course!).

All our products will have to be signed for.

Are there any materials you can’t steam?

Sadly, there are some fabrics to avoid steaming. We do not recommend steaming waxed jackets, suede or materials prone to melting.

Care should be taken with delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon, sheer or velvet. Avoid letting the steamer head touch such fabrics and keep the head moving. To avoid damaging print or embellishment, perhaps try steaming the garment inside-out.

Care should be taken when used on leather, avoiding allowing the material to become damp.

If you’re ever unsure, cautiously test the steamer on a discreet part of the fabric first.

Always check fabric care labels for advice prior to steaming.

Can I use any water?

Though we recommend using distilled or demineralised water, normal tap water may be used. This carries the risk of more sediment buildup, so occasionally empty the unit.

Do not allow the water to become stale. Old water containing mineral buildup or mildew may cause stains or musty odours. Follow the descaling instructions in the manual if necessary.

Never use scented or starched water, as they could clog up your steamer and cause malfunction.

How long are the steamers guaranteed for and what is the returns procedure?

If you purchased your Fridja steamer from a vendor other than Fridja Ltd, please contact them directly.

You have seven days from delivery to decide if your new equipment is what you want. If you find your item is unsuitable, it can be returned for a full refund including standard delivery charges, provided you have taken good care of the goods and no parts are damaged, worn or missing.

All our goods are supplied with 12 months warranty. If your goods develop a fault within this period, we will repair or replace the item. If we cannot do this we will offer a refund. If an item is found to be without a fault it will be returned to you for a small charge. If goods become defective within the first 3 months of your ownership we will collect the goods and redeliver them for free (within UK mainland only). After 3 months of ownership we may make a small charge to cover the cost of collection and return.

In the unlikely event that your goods are damaged during transit to you please inform within 24 hours of delivery. We will replace the item for you free of charge. It is your responsibility to securely package items for their safe return to us using a trackable service. Not doing so will void your warranty.

To arrange the return of your item please contact us here.

How long will the steamer produce steam for without refilling water?

The F-1000 professional garment steamer has a large 2.2 litre tank, and so can produce steam for 65 minutes before the tank has to be refilled.

The F-1400 professional garment steamer has a super large 3.2 litre tank, and so can produce steam for 100 minutes before the tank has to be refilled!

Are Fridja steamers portable?

The F-1000 and F-1400 professional garment steamers must be plugged in, however the wheels allow easy manoeuvrability.

Also, they are light so you could transport them easily. This is especially handy for professionals needing a steamer on locations!

Can I use my steamer on garments I’m wearing?

Don’t you dare! Hot steam can burn!

I've lost my manual, can I get a new one?

Yes you can! Please right click and select “Save As” to download or Left click to view in your browser f10, f1000f1400 and f1800.