Welcome to Fridja video! At Fridja, we have a passion for home technology, products that make you look good and feel good. From our famous clothes steamers to our technologically advanced cold press juicers all the way to our make up mirrors! We believe that the best way to showcase our products are videos. So please, sit back and flick through some of our greatest ones. If you never want to miss another one, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or any of our social media platforms, we promise to keep you in the loop. Thanks for watching!

March 2019
f1500 Product Overview!
March 2019
f200 Product Overview!
January 2018
f10 Product Overview!
July 2018
f1900 Product Overview
June 2018
Smart Juice Recipes
January 2018
f1000 and f1400
Clothes Steamers Relaunch
January 2018
We Are Fridja
July 2017
How To Steam a Wedding Dress
How To Use A Clothes Steamer
Top Five Tips
July, 2015
Dragons' Den
Taken From Fridja School
How To Steam A Shirt
Fridja Professional Clothes Steamer
f1000 Product Overview
whole fruit juicer | smoothies | fruit ice cream | nut milks
f1800 Product Overview
Professional Clothes Steamer
f1400 Product Overview
Tokyo, Japan
A Trip To The Dog Heart Cafe
In a Fridja f1800
Fat Free Ice Cream