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How to maintain / clean a clothes steamer?

in After Care

It is important to stay on top of maintenance procedures for your steamer to avoid problems in the future.

To flush sediment and limescale out of the steamer, disconnect the house, pole and other attachments and take the steamer unit to a large sink or bath. Unscrew the small drainage valve on the side at the bottom and flush through with clean cold water, pouring through the small hole where the water tank usually sits. Continue until it runs clear.

To thoroughly descale, use descaling crystals, such as those for kettles, or a vinegar solution. Fill the water tank with the solution, and leave steaming for 20 minutes in a well ventilated room. Having switched it off and left it to cool, flush the steamer out as above.

For a more thorough explanation on how to clean and descale a clothes steamer, see our blog post here!

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