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My steamer doesn’t produce any steam, help?

in After Care

Hopefully it’s a minor problem, please check the following…

When you switch the steamer on, does the operational light illuminate? If not, there may be either a problem with the plug socket you’ve used or the fuse in the steamer’s plug. Please change the 13 amp fuse in the plug and test in a different power socket.

If the lights are illuminating, check whether it is clogged up with limescale and sediment. It’s important to ensure your steamer does not become clogged with limescale as this can harm the internal boiler and cause malfunction.

To flush sediment and limescale out of the steamer, disconnect the house, pole and other attachments and take the steamer unit to a large sink or bath. Unscrew the small drainage valve on the side at the bottom and flush through with clean cold water, pouring through the small hole where the water tank usually sits. Continue until it runs clear.


If your problems persist and your steamer is within its warranty, please get in touch and tell us your issues using the form here.

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