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Clothes steamers have been used for years in the fashion industry, in theatres, on film locations and just about anywhere where creases aren’t wanted. Typically these steamers would take up to half an hour to heat up, were very heavy and, essentially, ugly as sin.

Fridja Professional Garment Steamers are the ideal evolution. Fast to start, cute looking and easily transportable, Fridja steamers bring garment care into the 21st century. So isn’t it time you find out for yourself why smart people are ditching their irons and turning to Fridja?

Their light, compact build and choice of colours allow you to find the perfect steamer to suit your bedroom, shop, studio or household. Your ironing times will shrink and your dry cleaning bills will crumble! We’re very proud of our steamers, and we have no doubt that you’ll be proud of yours too! If you’d like to see them in action, why don’t you head over to our school section now. There you’ll find tons of videos teaching you how to take care of your office clothes, evening wear, casual clobber and even your children’s clothes. Plus, it has fun music!
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45 Seconds

From turning on, Fridja professional garment steamers take just 45 seconds to start producing steam. That means you can revive your clothes and eliminate creases in no time at all. Oh, and did we forget to mention you don’t need to set up the ironing board and wait for the iron to heat up? Did you notice? Steaming just made your life so much easier.
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Any Material

From the most delicate silks to the toughest wool jackets, garment steamers are renowned for their gentle treatment of material. Clothes with fine embellishments, prints or details can be refreshed safely. That’s why shops and catwalks use steamers. Quick and easy without the risk of damaging your clothes like traditional ironing, yay!
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Less Dry Cleaning

Suits and silks need as little dry cleaning as possible. The harsh chemicals used at dry cleaners erode fabrics, soon leaving beautiful garments looking dull and tired. Our garment steamers realign the fibres, refreshing and reviving, delaying the need for dry cleaning, making your clothes last longer, plus saving you time and money!
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Not Just Clothes

Fridja steamers are really useful around the house too! How about steaming your curtains after a wash whilst they are hung up? How about sanitising and deodorising your furniture? How about taking the creases out of your bedding whilst it is in place on the bed? Sprucing up chair covers? We think the possibilities are endless…
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Stainless Steel Head

Traditional steamers have heavy metal construction, which can become a real strain. However Fridja steamers have a stainless steel head but a lightweight handle, so you can steam for longer with less effort. The foam handle also provides a perfect ergonomic solution and feels really nice!


Telescopic Pole

The Fridja telescopic pole is easily adjusted to fit anyone’s height. It extends from 80 cm to a whopping 130 cm.

Having this adjustable height means you could even steam whilst sitting down!

Water Tank

The water tank holds 2.2 litres of water that gives over an hour of continuous steam. Each Fridja steamer heats up in a super fast 45 seconds, so there’ll be no time wasted hanging around.
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Head Holder

When you are swapping garments or need to take a quick break, you can hold the stainless steel head on the hanger head, just as pictured.

Hanger and Pegs

Fridja steamers all come with a hanger and a set of pegs, so you work with your garments hanging upright. This makes creases easier to identify and is less fiddly than ironing on an ironing board.

Dual Layer Hose

Our dual layer hose is soft and flexible for ease of maneuverability, unlike the stiff hoses found on traditional steamers.


It even has wheels so you can move around easily. Got a rail of clothes that all need steaming? No problem, simply wheel your Fridja along.
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Stainless Steel Head

The F-1400 steamer has a stainless steel plate but is light enough to use without straining your arms and back!

Remote Control Handle

This exclusive feature of the F-1400 allows you to switch your steamer on & off without having to crouch down! Plus it has power level controls so you can choose the right steam pressure for any chosen task.

Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole can be extended to fit anyone’s height and retracted for easy storage. Extending from 80cm to 130cm, you could even steam sitting down!

Trouser Clip

Use the bar at the bottom of the pole to keep trousers taut whilst steaming.


The F-1400 is super portable too, thanks to its multi-directional wheels, perfect for gliding across bedrooms or shop floors.
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Advanced Folding Hanger

The F-1400 includes a folding hanger with adjustable shoulders to hang tops on and pegs for skirts and other smaller items. You’ll never need your ironing board again!

Dual Layer Hose

Our hoses have a robust inner tube surrounded by soft rubber, making them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Control Panel

This simple interface allows you to set your steam power level, indicated by the digital display.

Water Tank

Holding 3.2 litres of water, one full tank will produce up to 100 minutes of continuous steam.
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Clasp Attachment

Use the clasp attachment to create perfect creases on a pair of trousers. Simply attach the clasp to your steamer head and glide up each leg. You’ll never make a double crease again! Check it out in this video!

The clasp attachment can be used wherever you need a neat crease for a crisp, pressed finish. Try using on the vents of blazers, slits of skirts and on the arms of shirts! This is an attachment you’ll want to keep handy.[/pix_column][pix_column type=”2/4″ first=”true”]

Hand Ironing Mat

When steaming heavier materials, you might sometimes need a little extra support behind the area being steamed. This is when the hand ironing mat comes out! Steaming curtains and tough materials like denim becomes a doddle, and you protect your hands too! Did we mention you won’t need 5 minutes to set this one up like a standard ironing board? Maybe we should…
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Upholstery Brush

The upholstery brush is your key when steaming your furniture and curtains. Its bristles relax and rejuvenate fabric fibres, allowing the steam to penetrate deeper, freshening and sanitizing your home.

The upholstery brush is also a fantastic way to remove hair, fluff and lint from furniture and clothing. Super duper useful!
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