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This Fridja Steamer is great | Stylonylon

Meet Julia Rebaudo, aka the digital magazine that is Stylonylon, a lifestyle blogger, instagramer, twitter and all-round internet sweetheart. Other than having awesome taste in both hair and clothes, she’s also a fan of our Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer!

Julia not only writes about fashion but interviews and takes her photography seriously. She shoots with an Olympus Pen and even has get-togethers for anyone with an Olympus Pen camera to help improve! Check out some of her camera tips here through her Insta Stories.

Julia said some really kind words about our steamer:

Having used a hoover-sized steamer on a shoot, I got it! Effective, so much faster and easier than an iron. So obviously I splashed out on a £15.99 travel steamer that… was pretty useless and sputtered water on the clothes. So back to ironing on the floor.

That is, until last week. When I received a proper handheld steamer – by Fridja, a brand that’s been making quite a buzz; it was nice to see on my IGTV video that quite a few of you already owned one!

And, as luck would have it perfect timing, as I had some decreasing to do… Two old Ganni dresses I’m selling over on Depop – and rather than a total ironing fiasco on the floor, it was seamless, quick and actually quite a calming, therapeutic process!

We’re super happy you like your steamer Julia! Be sure to check out her blog, insta, and twitter.

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Estée Lalonde, who we’re sure you already know, is a HUGE YouTube star, instagrammer, blogger and general gorgeous boss. Hailing from Canada Estée (real name Essie Button) moved to London not knowing many people.

So what do you do when you don’t know anyone? You go on the internet. Estée met her boyf and founded a new life in London. If you’ve not watched, check out her typical weekend video here.

In her latest video though, she shows you all through her house! So good to get a tour! We’re lucky enough to get to see her place, which she admits is starting to come along nicely!

Obviously here at Fridja, we’re all about the laundry section. So what does Estée have? She has a Miele washing machine (fancy), a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron (less fancy) and a Fridja f1000 Professional Garment Steamer (king of fancy). Check it out it at 1 minute 49, or by watching the video below.

I also wanted to mention my steamer, it’s a Fridja steamer. Exactly what you think, it’s a clothing steamer. That water gets hot, steam comes out of here and you can steam your clothes and it’s much easier than ironing.

Steamers are amazing if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to properly iron something or you have really delicate fabrics, steamers can be great.


Thanks so much, Estée! So much love from us at Fridja xxxx

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Best Steam Iron | T3 Magazine

The Best Steam Iron

This portable hand steamer is perfect for the travelling business bod, or indeed anyone who has ever tried to borrow an iron at a hotel.

We’re HUGE fans of T3 magazine in our office. It’s a bit blokey, but hey! We can be blokey too! It’s not all about steaming flowery blouses (but it is a lot about that, we love steaming flowery blouses).

ANYWAYS, T3 has done a huge article on the best irons of 2019, and our f10 handheld clothes steamer has made the cut!

Best Steam Iron

The Best Steam Irons You Can Buy


This portable hand steamer is perfect for the travelling business bod, or indeed anyone who has ever tried to borrow an iron at a hotel. You know the scenario. Either another guest has already nabbed the only iron in existence or the iron they’re able to loan you resembles something your great-grandma might have used. And then there’s the hassle of trying to fit the ironing board in the tiny space between the end of the bed and the obligatory writing desk that no one ever uses.


Frankly, I never expected this product to make much impression on my heavily creased, hand-held T-shirt but blow me down with a feather if it didn’t remove all the creases without the hot metal plate even touching the fabric. It did so very quickly, too, and without producing any significant amounts of steam; certainly nothing like the geyser-like blast of your average bog standard iron.


The lightweight Fridja takes about 45 seconds to warm up and is capable of providing up to 14 minutes of continuous steaming. The whole system is comprised of a hand unit, a 260ml water tank, a flat plastic collar stiffener, a collapsible clothes hanger, a soft fabric guard for delicates and a nice velvet pouch to put it all in. In a stroke of minor genius, it also comes with a space-saving adaptor that allows you to use any standard plastic drinks bottle instead of the main water tank.


Best Steam Iron


Pretty nice of them to award us best steam iron, number 7! Lucky number 7. Check out their article here or by clicking the link below:

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Best handheld steamer for clothes | Evening Standard

best handheld clothes steamer


Best handheld steamer for clothes. Best handheld steamer for clothes. The best handheld steamer for clothes! Let that just sink in (you and the SEO).

I was innocently browsing the internet, googling Fridja, and low and behold I found this article, from six months ago. Oops. “Forget ironing – these days, it’s all about the clothes steamer”.

The Evening Standard ran a piece highlighting the best handheld steamer for clothes, and our humble f10 handheld clothes steamer, has seemed to have come top bill! It’s even earned itself a pretty stamp, check it out!


Best handheld steamer for clothes


They’ve said:

If aesthetics are important to you it doesn’t get much cuter than the Fridja F10, which comes in black, white or pink. Taking only 45 seconds to heat up, it makes quick work of crumpled clothing – especially as the steam jet can be held down continuously for up to 14 minutes.

The handle is slim and the model is light, making it easy to manoeuvre around garments and the chord stretches to almost two metres, which is great if your plug points are in awkward places. Add-ons such as the delicate fabric guard and collar press come in handy whilst the anti-calcium water tank gave us assurance that the product will is durable. Though one of the pricier products on the list, all these factors add up to make it a favourite.


Best handheld steamer for clothes

Here our wonderful super babe is sporting a Gigi (pink), but the f10 is available in Erin (white) and Raf (black).

They also had some really good tips for when using a clothes steamer:

Pro tips for a wrinkle-free wardrobe


1. After you have allowed your steamer to fully heat up, test it on a kitchen towel first to prevent any water sputtering all over your clothes. And always steam in a vertical position!

2. Be aware of the type of fabric you are working with. Silk should be steamed from the reverse side to avoid water streaks and velvet should never touch the face of the steamer.

3. Use distilled/deionized water to fill your clothes steamer. Hard water minerals found in tap water such as calcium and magnesium can clog clothes steamers and decrease their overall effectiveness. Distilled water is readily available from most grocery stores and costs about £1 for 2.5L.

4. Clean your clothes steamer with white distilled vinegar. Fill the tank with the vinegar (white distilled only), allow to heat completely then push all the steam out into your kitchen or bathroom sink. Repeat with distilled water to remove any trace of the vinegar and voilà, a good as new clothes steamer.


Thank you so much Evening Standard! What an amazing article – you can read it here.

To watch an overview of our f10 handheld clothes steamer, just click below!

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Best Christmas Present Was A Fridja F10 | Vogue

I really thought Christmas was over. Turkey, crackers, jumper, over. Then Vogue Edit goes and gives us the best present ever.

Ellie Pithers, Fashion Features Editor (who we’ve all suspected in the Fridja office to be an actual genius), writes in the Vogue Edit her choice to buy, browse and crow over. A cool collab to check out here, some amazing interiors here, and our very own Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer.

In the article on, she writes:

Start your year crease-free, people! My best Christmas present was a Fridja F10 hand-held steamer. All my housemates are queuing up for access. Brides-to-be suddenly want me in their bridal suites for last-minute wrinkle management. At only 900g, it’s small enough to fit into a handbag, so I know my colleagues will be knocking on the hotel door come shows in February. It’s bringing me more joy than I ever thought was possible from an inanimate object without a Prada label.


The Vogue Edit


Thanks Vogue! Very kind of you, especially at the end of the first week of January. The week that everyone feels fat, broke and cold. You’ve warmed our hearts.

Check out The Vogue Edit here, and follow Ellie’s Instagram here.


Vogue Edit

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Two Awards Fridja Clothes Steamers | Ideal Home Magazine

Best clothing steamers – refresh clothes the easy way

Any mention by Ideal Home Magazine makes us happy, but they’ve awarded us two awards!! Very exciting. Oscar moment imminent.

Ideal Home Magazine is a beautiful British institute! Published since 1920, the Ideal Home Magazine focuses on home interior decoration articles; reader homes; high-street shopping news and consumer advice. And they’ve reviewed our steamers!

Step backstage at a catwalk show and you’ll see more clothing steamers than hair straighteners. They’re invaluable for refreshing and de-creasing all manner of garments, quickly and easily.

Fridja f10 – best handheld workhorse clothing steamer

Ideal Home Magazine has awarded us the highest marks for our f10 handheld clothes steamer, a whopping 4.5 out of 5. That’s 90%!

Definitely the best for handheld power, you could blitz a pile of garments with the Fridja where other handhelds are designed more for just refreshing one or two items.

Head straight to our shop to get one with free next day delivery here!

Fridja f1000 clothes steamer – best compact vertical steamer

Ideal Home Magazine were also lovely enough to award us the best compact vertical steamer award!

Cute and available in bright colours, this is the smallest vertical steamer on test. It takes up the space of a small cylinder vacuum cleaner, and looks like one too. It’s quick to assemble and the pole is telescopic, so it shrinks down small. The fold-up clothes hanger attaches to the front of the pole and a hook attaches to the back, to hold the steam head when not in use.

Head straight to our shop to get one with free next day delivery here!

Thank you so much Ideal Home Magazine, and thank you to the uber cool Caramel Quin. Check out her website at plus follow her on Twitter here!

You can read the full article at the link below!

Best clothes steamers – refresh your wardrobe the quick and easy way

Also, whilst you’re here you can see the lovely article they wrote in July this year about the f10. We heart you Ideal Home Magazine – BIG TIME XXXX

Ideal Home

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16 Practical Fashion Questions Answered | The Pool

According to The Pool, ‘One of the best things you could ever buy yourself is a handheld steamer.’ In their blog post, ’16 Practical Fashion Questions Answered’ by the angel on earth Frankie Graddon, they’ve been pretty kind about our latest f10 handheld clothes steamer.

Thanks to years spent steaming clothes in fashion cupboard, I am well versed in this area and can tell you that the very best one is Fridja’s f10 handheld clothes steamer.

Frankie says ‘One of the best things you could ever buy yourself is a handheld steamer’, the Fridja f10 is also ‘great for delicate fabrics like silk, which can be tricky to iron, plus, because it’s so little, you can also take it on holiday with you.’

If you’re reading, thank you Frankie!

If you’d like to read the full article, which also recommends mesh washing bags, hemming tape, leather strap fixing edge kote, a hole puncher and much more simply click the link below:

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F10 Advocate | Stylist Fashion Director Arabella Greenhill

Arabella Greenhill! Stylist magazine’s Arabella Greenhill is the Fashion Director, and a pretty cool one (if you ask us). She’s said:

My Fridja steamer is the first thing I pack in my suitcase when travelling for fashion weeks or shoots. Light, quick and so easy to use.

Arabella Greenhill


So glad to hear she’s getting on with her f10 clothes steamer.

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The Bijou Steamer | Ideal Home Magazine

We LOVE Ideal Home Magazine, and it seems they also love us a bit too! Calling the f10 ‘The Bijou Steamer’! It’s all we’ve ever dreamt of!



Perfect for use at home or abroad, the compact Fridja clothes steamer will get your party dress crease-free in no time. Packing light? Leave the tank at home and attach to a water bottle instead.


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Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine

We asked the bosses of Flybe how many colours the Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer comes in and this was the picture they sent us! TOTALLY CORRECT!


Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine

Obviously not just pretty faces.


We all know that the f10 is awesome for travelling, but when we see the Fridja f10 in Flybe Flight Time Magazine, we really were over the moon! Or at least over Prague.

They really were very lovely about our f10 handheld clothes steamer.



Following the success of their garment steamers and juicers, Fridja has designed the first net-generation handheld travel clothes steamer. The f10 uses technology unavailable in any other travel steamer, including a huge 1500w heater for the ultimate plume of steam, a heated plate to get rid of stubborn creases and pump technology which deliver calm, measured steam without any splitting. The f10 is perfect for all clothes, including wedding dresses, as well as soft furnishings such as bedding and curtains.

Thank you Flybe! Take home points? Fly with Flybe and a Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer and even you might marry a Prince!

Flybe based in Exeter, England, is the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Flybe carry 8 million passengers a year between 81 airports across the UK and Europe, with over 210 routes across 15 countries.


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