Raf / Black Handheld Clothes Steamer



1500 Watt
45 Second Fast Heating
260ml Anti Calcium Water Tank
14 Minutes Continuous Steaming
1.95m Power Cord
Heated Stainless Steel Head
Continous Steam Button

Accessories Included

Water Bottle Adaptor
Collar Press
Folding Clothes Hanger
Delicate Fabric Guard
Carry Case


The f10 is the most advanced handheld clothes steamer available today. Packing the same steam power, 1500 watts, as a floor standing clothes steamer you’ll be catwalk ready in no time.

Using state of the art technology, the f10 heats in just 45 seconds and steams for 14 minutes on one full tank of water. The f10 is a light handheld clothes steamer which won’t strain your arm like other heavier clothes steamers. Ideal for travelling, those in small spaces and home and to ideal to use at work on set, location, shoots and events. A strong plume of steam and a heated plated ensures that creases melt in moments. Hold the steamer up against any tough fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, polyester and denim for the creases to be ironed out with ease. The f10 handheld clothes steamer is equally ideal for delicate materials. Using the delicate fabric guard, you can be confident your suits, silk, dresses (including wedding dresses and asian clothing) will come out catwalk ready with no shine or damage whatsoever.



The f10 handheld clothes steamer comes with a host of accessories to ensure a perfect finish all carrying in a luxury carry case. When travelling, to cut down on the amount to carry, the f10 handheld clothes steamer comes with a bottle adaptor so you can leave the water tank at home and use water straight from typical bottle of mineral water. There is a collar press for best results with cuffs and collars included. There is a handheld clothes hanger, ideal for those travelling. Use the handheld clothes hanger to hang garments to steam with ease.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 30 cm

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