Sergio / Stainless Refurbished Steel f1900 Whole Fruit Cold Press Juicer

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Fridja certified refurbished steamer. Tested and repacked. Standard guarantee applies. Limited Quantity.

Tilted Wide Mouth Juicer – no waste!

No need to cut up fruits and vegetables!

Stainless Steel

Powerful 240W motor

Ideal for fruits, vegetables, nut milks, nut butters and ice creams!

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We are SO proud to present our best cold pressed whole fruit juicer yet! Wide mouth feeding chute means no cutting up fruits and vegetables! When it tilts, it’s even better…

In gorgeous jet black stainless steel, our tilted wide mouth juicer extracts your fruits and vegetables with ease! The dual stage filtration system cold press whole fruit juicer leaves a fine juice with all the goodness your body craves!

Totally BPA free, stainless steel and no need to cut up fruits and vegetables. Conventional centrifugal juicers use high-speed shredders or spinning blades to tear up fruit and vegetables. This method creates heat and friction that destroy nutrients, deactivate enzymes and kill flavour (as well as being noisy!). Rest assured, the Fridja cold pressed whole fruit juicer f1900 uses cold pressed technology, getting you the best out of your fruits and vegetables.

The Fridja f1900 uses a dual stage augur, which chews and presses the produce. This creates comparatively little heat and friction, retaining more nutrients, vitamins, fresh colour and natural flavour. Looking for the best buy juicer? You’ve found it.

It also produces far less separation and oxidisation, leaving smooth tasting juice that can last up to 48 hours in the fridge.

The sleek, compact upright design is finished with robust stainless steel, an amazing cold pressed whole fruit juicer! Designed for ease of use, in the uk juicer, the Fridja f1900 has only a few simple parts to disassemble and wash. Solid wastes are compacted and drier than the sloppy pulp left by centrifugal juicers. It even comes supplied with a small brush to help speed things up. Find out loads more on our product page here.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 36.2 × 33.0 × 41.5 cm

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