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This Fridja Steamer is great | Stylonylon

Meet Julia Rebaudo, aka the digital magazine that is Stylonylon, a lifestyle blogger, instagramer, twitter and all-round internet sweetheart. Other than having awesome taste in both hair and clothes, she’s also a fan of our Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer!

Julia not only writes about fashion but interviews and takes her photography seriously. She shoots with an Olympus Pen and even has get-togethers for anyone with an Olympus Pen camera to help improve! Check out some of her camera tips here through her Insta Stories.

Julia said some really kind words about our steamer:

Having used a hoover-sized steamer on a shoot, I got it! Effective, so much faster and easier than an iron. So obviously I splashed out on a £15.99 travel steamer that… was pretty useless and sputtered water on the clothes. So back to ironing on the floor.

That is, until last week. When I received a proper handheld steamer – by Fridja, a brand that’s been making quite a buzz; it was nice to see on my IGTV video that quite a few of you already owned one!

And, as luck would have it perfect timing, as I had some decreasing to do… Two old Ganni dresses I’m selling over on Depop – and rather than a total ironing fiasco on the floor, it was seamless, quick and actually quite a calming, therapeutic process!

We’re super happy you like your steamer Julia! Be sure to check out her blog, insta, and twitter.

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Are High Pressure Clothes Steamer better?

Clothes steamers have been used in commercial settings like retail, factories and dry cleaners for years. In recent years, clothes steamers have made their way into our homes. They take away creases from a range of materials without the need for an iron or an ironing board. Material from delicate suits, wedding dresses, saris, Punjabi suits, soft furnishings, bedding and more are safe with clothes steamers as they don’t touch the material with a hot ironing plate and only use steam. 

High Pressure Clothes Steamer Technology

However in 2019, the technology has updated, and products like the Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer have been released, but what is a high pressure clothes steamer? In this article, we’ll explain how a high pressure clothes steamer can be more effective on a range of different materials when compared to traditional clothes steamers.

High Pressure Clothes Steamer

Traditional clothes steamers work using one boiler. Water travels from a water tank into a water reservoir, and then reaches a boiler inside the machine. This heats the water and the steam that is created is guided out of the machine via a hose and float onto the clothes. Steam realigns fibres, takes away creases all whilst reducing mild odours and refreshing fabrics.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers 5 bar pressure

Although high pressure clothes steamers work on the same principle they have a few extra features which help get the job done faster. Water travels from the water tank to the water reservoir and then to a first boiler inside the main unit, the same as traditional clothes steamers. High pressure clothes steamers, however, have a second boiler in the handle. Instead of steam coming out constantly like traditional clothes steamers, you have to press a button for the steam to come out. However, when the steam does come out it is blasted out at a much higher pressure, up to 5 bars.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are strong

As well as the steam coming out at a much more powerful and fast rate, the steamer head is designed differently to traditional clothes or garment steamers. The steamer head has a heated metal plate, similar to an iron. When the plate is hot, difficult thick materials like linen, heavy cotton and denim are much easier to remove creases from. The combination of a heated metal ironing plate and thick, fast and powerful high pressure steam means that removing creases from clothes is much easier.

Fridja High Pressure Clothes Steamers are powerful

The best way to use is to apply a thick layer of steam, and the follow through with the ironing steam head, pressing against the ironing board. This will give a perfect finish.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are very powerful

Delicate Clothing

Having a hot ironing plate on high pressure clothes steamers means you also need another layer of protection when steaming delicate clothes and fabrics such as silk, chiffon, lace and even polyester. A delicate fabric guard like the one below puts a barrier between the hot ironing plate and your delicate clothes.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for delicate clothing like wedding dresses, suits, saris and punjabi suits

That means that suits or wedding dresses do not need to come into contact with the hot ironing plate, so will never go shiny or get damaged.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for delicate clothing like wedding dresses, suits, saris and punjabi suits

Soft Furnishing

Hot steam is also a great way of refreshing soft furnishing. Hot steam will sanitise and deodorise soft furniture and curtains very well.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for soft furnishings like sofas, armchairs, bedding and curtains.

To find out more about the Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer click here or see our shop to purchase f1500 high pressure clothes steamers in black or white.

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16 Practical Fashion Questions Answered | The Pool

According to The Pool, ‘One of the best things you could ever buy yourself is a handheld steamer.’ In their blog post, ’16 Practical Fashion Questions Answered’ by the angel on earth Frankie Graddon, they’ve been pretty kind about our latest f10 handheld clothes steamer.

Thanks to years spent steaming clothes in fashion cupboard, I am well versed in this area and can tell you that the very best one is Fridja’s f10 handheld clothes steamer.

Frankie says ‘One of the best things you could ever buy yourself is a handheld steamer’, the Fridja f10 is also ‘great for delicate fabrics like silk, which can be tricky to iron, plus, because it’s so little, you can also take it on holiday with you.’

If you’re reading, thank you Frankie!

If you’d like to read the full article, which also recommends mesh washing bags, hemming tape, leather strap fixing edge kote, a hole puncher and much more simply click the link below:

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F10 Advocate | Stylist Fashion Director Arabella Greenhill

Arabella Greenhill! Stylist magazine’s Arabella Greenhill is the Fashion Director, and a pretty cool one (if you ask us). She’s said:

My Fridja steamer is the first thing I pack in my suitcase when travelling for fashion weeks or shoots. Light, quick and so easy to use.

Arabella Greenhill


So glad to hear she’s getting on with her f10 clothes steamer.

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Condé Nast College | How To Be A Stylist

Fashion Stylist’s Handbook author Danielle Griffiths, asked me to accompany her for a lecture at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design during which she reveals her trade secrets when working as a fashion stylist.


After a rocky journey in, I arrived with a couple of steamers to show the students. I’m not sure i’ve ever seen so many iPhone X’s.


Conde Naste


Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design


In the heart of soho, buried amongst the best places to eat in the UK, you’ll find the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. A gloriously fresh white walled grey floored building. The lecture was to a small group of students who were studying their BA in Fashion Communications.


Conde Naste

Conde Naste


Danielle Griffiths


Danielle is a freelance stylist, whose work appears in Belgium’s De Standaard Magazine. It’s the equivalent of the Sunday Times etc. Her combination of experience and frankness (on how to be a boss stylist) was truly enlightening. Although I won’t go into loads of the lecture (they aren’t my secrets to tell!) I will tell you three things that I learnt in the lecture. Then I will show you what I had for lunch.


Conde Naste


First Golden Nugget


You can buy a special product that removes white marks from deodorant. However, if you get the foam from a hanger from the dry cleaners, it removes it for free! First golden nugget did not disappoint did it?


Conde Naste

Props to all those who work at Hangerworld, we’re basically family.

Second Golden Gem


You can buy a portable changing room, which is great for shoots on a location where there might not be a suitable changing room. It might also be great if there’s a long line in Topshop. Danielle suggested to use a hula hoop with some material instead! Amazing!


Conde Naste


Final Nugget of Delight


The last one from me is a simple saying. And I think it’s a good one!


A man’s jacket should always button left over right, as a woman is always right… over left.


Conde Naste


And now you know! Thank you so much Danielle! Be sure to check our her instagram, her tag #knowyourstylists and her blog. Oh and buy the book for more golden nuggets obvs.


Conde Naste


And seeing as you asked so nicely, here’s what I had for lunch. I give it a 6/10 of noodle soups. But i give noodles soups as a food group a 9/10.


Conde Naste

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PAUSE Mag 10 Styling Kit Essentials

Pause magazine’s 10 styling kit essentials is THE LIST if you want to be a stylist. Knocking together an outfit is certainly a skill, but turn up to a job where you’re charging £200 and up a day, you’ll need these things in your arsenal!

1 – Bag! You need yourself a bag. Whether it’s this bag or another, you’ll need a bag. Two hands and a Sainsbury’s bag for life just won’t cut it.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

2 – f10 Steamer, obvs.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

3 – Sewing kit. Is your nana proud of you? Could you sew up a dodgy hemline? If not, maybe get on YouTube and find out how now?

10 Styling Essentials Kit

4 – Tape! Oh you glorious piece of plastic and glue, how you solve our life sometimes.

10 Styling Essentials Kit

5 – Wipes! Some annoying model got fake tan on your MIH Baby Blue Lebrun Jacket? CURSES! Time to get your wipe on.


6 – A notepad and pen! Typing things into your iPhone 6s just won’t cut it I’m afraid. Pull out some fancy stationary and they’ll know you’re the business. Two week campaign in Barbados job on the horizon?


7 – Pop-Ons. Erm. Good photo! Great idea if you don’t want to deal with an angry PR firm when you return something back with red lipstick on!


8 – Lint roller! Nobody loves your cat or the models cat, especially this brand.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


9 – Labels – stay organised! Everything is expensive and you need to ensure nothing goes missing.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


10 – Pins! Your best friends are these pins. They cost pennies and they save shoots.

10 Styling Essentials Kit


Good list Pause Magazine!

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Fashion Stylist’s Handbook

Putting together a great outfit is definitely something that some people find easier than other people. If you want to take things to the next level and get paid? You’ll need to learn how to become a proper fashion stylist. Being a stylist is so much MUCH more than compiling clothes, and last time I checked (about 15 years ago) it’s not one of those professions that gets taught at GCSEs. So, what to do?

Well, Danielle Griffiths contacted us telling us that she was writing a handbook on this very subject. She’d been a customer of ours from years ago and she wanted to include us in the book. She then sent us a copy of the Fashion Stylist’s Handbook, and we LOVE it.


Danielle Griffiths


Becoming a stylist is definitely more than carting around clothes in a suitcase (although there’s a lot of that too). Danielle sets out the path for all aspirational fashion stylists in a clear, no-nonsense manual. How to go from offer to shoot, how to develop valuable relationships with PR companies (who will lend you their clients clobber), how to run your styling business and of course what to keep in your styling kit!



If you’re thinking about getting into styling, invest in this book. For under £20, you’ll learn so much that is expected from a stylist and have a handbook for things you’ll need to reference. Just for example, the different ways to knot a tie and converting dress sizes, who knew? You did.



You can pick up the book from this link here, if you’re serious about becoming a stylist. The rest is up to you!


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Patrick Wolf

So we were super happy that Patrick Wolf took an F-1000 on his 2011 tour. We were lucky to get a video of Patrick’s stylist, Anthony Stephinson, using their stella! We put all our talents in a bowl and pulled this masterpiece video from nowhere. Please have a little look!

Here is his awesome next single, The City!

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Grace Woodward and X Factor


We are so happy that Grace Woodward and her fierce team are now armed with two F-1000 professional garment steamers (yellow and hot pink) to steam all the outfits on the most talked about show on TV,  X-FACTOR!

The X Factor stylists have a HUGE job. Providing clothes for the contestants, the judges, the dancers and the presenters is a huge job. Lucky for them, Grace and her team use Fridja F-1000 professional garment steamers to make sure the job of garment care gets done quickly and easily. Grace and her team can make the contestants look great, but only their talent will see them through to building a popstar career and dominate the charts.

Up and down the country hopeful canditates go before the infamous judges aiming to impress and gain the hearts of the nation.

Series 7 sees the judges Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole, as well as some celebrity guests, choosing the nation’s latest favourite popstars.

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We were over the moon when Wah! chose Fridja steamers to use in their flagship Dalston store.
Three years ago, Sharmadead Reid, opened an uber trendy London nail salon. After an immediate success, she has opened up a permanent store within TopShop’s flagship store in Oxford Circus and plans on opening a store in Dublin.
Now branching into key vintage pieces, Wah! use Fridja steamers in their Dalston store. They are also providing a customised steamer for the charity auction held during February’s London Fashion Week 2011.
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