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Bare Fashion – Vegan Fashion Show

On a glorious Saturday on the 10th August 2019, the second Barefashion Vegan Fashion Show took place at the Truman Brewery off Brick Lane. Heading up the styling of the show was Rebekah Roy, who’s worked with the likes of Kate Nash, Machine Gun Kelly, Oliver Proudlock and fashion industry icons Erin O’Connor, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Moss. She’s also a long term user of our steamers, so when she asked if we could take part, how could we say no?

It really was a glorious Saturday morning on Brick Lane. I completed my two favourite things before setting up – I got the world’s best parking space 50 metres from the venue and I ate a bagel (egg mayo and gherkin). It really was a morning of dreams.

Barefashion – Vegan Fashion Show

I got there super early and looked like a fantastic event already. It was all about the vegan – vegan fashion, vegan food and even vegan booze. Pretty vegan. Pretty good.

Vegan Fashion Show

I set up the f1500 high pressure steamer and filled the 3.8 litre water tank, which water should last all day without refilling (sorry for the subtle sales schpiel). Soon the designers started to arrive and get involved.

I took a couple of pics whilst trying to avoid photographing people getting changed. Most of the pictures are shots of steaming the same purple dress. I got out of the backstage area.

Vegan Makeup!

Being backstage is always a bit hectic, but there was free kombucha, so I grabbed one of those. I headed out to see some vegan stuff, meet some of the exhibitors and have a general mooch.

I watched Vegan Beauty Girl and Em-J giving a talk with some live demonstrations. It was good to hear them say ‘not a soul was destroyed with any of this makeup’.

Vegan Fashion

I met Hanna from Voodism, who was exhibiting her fancy vegan belt.

Clothes Steaming Time

But alas, enough mooching, because one of the two shows of the day was about to begin. Time to steam some clothes.

All was ready, including the purple dress. It was time for the vegan fashion show. Here are some of my favourite bits.

Awesome show right? And no souls destroyed. Excellent.

Thank you so much for having us everyone at the Barefashion Vegan Fashion Show and Rebekah Roy. We had a blast of a time.

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Are High Pressure Clothes Steamer better?

Clothes steamers have been used in commercial settings like retail, factories and dry cleaners for years. In recent years, clothes steamers have made their way into our homes. They take away creases from a range of materials without the need for an iron or an ironing board. Material from delicate suits, wedding dresses, saris, Punjabi suits, soft furnishings, bedding and more are safe with clothes steamers as they don’t touch the material with a hot ironing plate and only use steam. 

High Pressure Clothes Steamer Technology

However in 2019, the technology has updated, and products like the Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer have been released, but what is a high pressure clothes steamer? In this article, we’ll explain how a high pressure clothes steamer can be more effective on a range of different materials when compared to traditional clothes steamers.

High Pressure Clothes Steamer

Traditional clothes steamers work using one boiler. Water travels from a water tank into a water reservoir, and then reaches a boiler inside the machine. This heats the water and the steam that is created is guided out of the machine via a hose and float onto the clothes. Steam realigns fibres, takes away creases all whilst reducing mild odours and refreshing fabrics.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers 5 bar pressure

Although high pressure clothes steamers work on the same principle they have a few extra features which help get the job done faster. Water travels from the water tank to the water reservoir and then to a first boiler inside the main unit, the same as traditional clothes steamers. High pressure clothes steamers, however, have a second boiler in the handle. Instead of steam coming out constantly like traditional clothes steamers, you have to press a button for the steam to come out. However, when the steam does come out it is blasted out at a much higher pressure, up to 5 bars.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are strong

As well as the steam coming out at a much more powerful and fast rate, the steamer head is designed differently to traditional clothes or garment steamers. The steamer head has a heated metal plate, similar to an iron. When the plate is hot, difficult thick materials like linen, heavy cotton and denim are much easier to remove creases from. The combination of a heated metal ironing plate and thick, fast and powerful high pressure steam means that removing creases from clothes is much easier.

Fridja High Pressure Clothes Steamers are powerful

The best way to use is to apply a thick layer of steam, and the follow through with the ironing steam head, pressing against the ironing board. This will give a perfect finish.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are very powerful

Delicate Clothing

Having a hot ironing plate on high pressure clothes steamers means you also need another layer of protection when steaming delicate clothes and fabrics such as silk, chiffon, lace and even polyester. A delicate fabric guard like the one below puts a barrier between the hot ironing plate and your delicate clothes.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for delicate clothing like wedding dresses, suits, saris and punjabi suits

That means that suits or wedding dresses do not need to come into contact with the hot ironing plate, so will never go shiny or get damaged.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for delicate clothing like wedding dresses, suits, saris and punjabi suits

Soft Furnishing

Hot steam is also a great way of refreshing soft furnishing. Hot steam will sanitise and deodorise soft furniture and curtains very well.

High Pressure Clothes Steamers are great for soft furnishings like sofas, armchairs, bedding and curtains.

To find out more about the Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer click here or see our shop to purchase f1500 high pressure clothes steamers in black or white.

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