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Estée Lalonde, who we’re sure you already know, is a HUGE YouTube star, instagrammer, blogger and general gorgeous boss. Hailing from Canada Estée (real name Essie Button) moved to London not knowing many people.

So what do you do when you don’t know anyone? You go on the internet. Estée met her boyf and founded a new life in London. If you’ve not watched, check out her typical weekend video here.

In her latest video though, she shows you all through her house! So good to get a tour! We’re lucky enough to get to see her place, which she admits is starting to come along nicely!

Obviously here at Fridja, we’re all about the laundry section. So what does Estée have? She has a Miele washing machine (fancy), a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron (less fancy) and a Fridja f1000 Professional Garment Steamer (king of fancy). Check it out it at 1 minute 49, or by watching the video below.

I also wanted to mention my steamer, it’s a Fridja steamer. Exactly what you think, it’s a clothing steamer. That water gets hot, steam comes out of here and you can steam your clothes and it’s much easier than ironing.

Steamers are amazing if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to properly iron something or you have really delicate fabrics, steamers can be great.


Thanks so much, Estée! So much love from us at Fridja xxxx

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Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer – Product Overview!

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Fridja f200 Wireless Fast Charging Led Mirror Desk Lamp – Product Overview!

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How To Turn On A Slow Juicer

We’ve made a video showing you how to turn on a slow juicer, specifically our f1900 advanced whole fruit juicer. We hope this helps!

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f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer Video | Sergio

Our most ambitious video yet, we’ve wrapped everything you need to know about Sergio, our AMAZING f1900 advanced whole fruit juicer, sorbet maker and fruit ice cream maker into a short movie.

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Juice Recipe Intro Video

We’ve created the ultimate online juice recipes collection. Search by effect and benefits from each ingredient! It’s the most thorough and advanced juice recipes collection on the internet!

We’ve used ingredients like apples, carrots, pears, oranges, tangerines, ginger, garlic, lemons, limes, sweet potato, pineapple, beetroot, spring onion, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, spirulina, papaya, mango, mint, cantaloupe, kiwi, celery, blackberry, fennel, broccoli, cranberry, beet greens, strawberry, cauliflower, bitter melon, grapefruit, honey, basil, red pepper, spinach, onion, coriander, green chilli, parsley, radish, asparagus, cayenne pepper, kale, cabbage, brussel sprout, peach, cherry, grape, watermelon, blueberry and lettuce.

Juice recipes are all categorised as brain boosters, detoxifiers, digestion soothers, energy boosters, mood enhancers, stress relievers and weight loss!

You can find juice recipes that have been shown to benefit ailments like Alzheimer’s prevention, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, arthritis prevention, asthma help, blood circulation, blood cleanse, blood pressure, bone protection, breast cancer prevention, cancer prevention, cataracts prevention, cervical cancer prevention, cholesterol, colon cancer prevention, complexion, detoxifiers, digestion, energy boost, eyesight, heart disease, prevention, hydration, immune system boost, insomnia, kidney cleanse, libido, liver cancer prevention, liver cleanse, lung cancer prevention, macular degeneration prevention, mental health, ovarian cancer prevention, prostate cancer prevention, stroke prevention, water retention, weight loss. This is only for a guide and in no way any substitute for medical advise.

Always consult your medical professional and juice as part of a healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy using our juice recipes!

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We Are Fridja

We created a short video for our Facebook cover and thought it was nice enough to put as our YouTube intro video, we hope you enjoy it too!

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Fridja f1000 and f1400 Dampfgerät Neustart – Fünf Verbesserungen

Im Januar 2018, Fridja f1000 und f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch! Wir haben 5 neue Verbesserungen vorgenommen und wir konnten es kaum erwarten, es Ihnen zu sagen. In diesem Video erfahren Sie alles darüber!


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f10 Product Overview Video!

Wow! We are SO PROUD to show our new fabulous 4 minute video. Find out all about our f10 handheld clothes steamer and learn how to ace destination weddings like a G!

Maximum power, crease busting, long lasting water tank, gorgeous aesthetics and reasonably priced. We are SO EXCITED to tell you all about it! However we’d like to start by telling you about how we got here. There are so many clothes steamers on the market, so how is ours different? Well we knew exactly what our competition was, and how we were going to be better than every single one of them.

Getting our handheld travel clothes steamer wasn’t easy to be honest. It took much longer than we’d like. There are so many variables and none that you want to compromise on. There are loads on the market, but none can compete with ours. Let us show you why!




Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer

The Fridja 10 Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer has THE SAME POWER AS A FULL SIZE CLOTHES STEAMER.

Strong Stubborn Creases, Careful On Delicate Materials


We managed to cram all the power of a full sized steamer into a handheld unit, 1500w. We’ve also coupled it with a heated metal plate, combining the power of steam and a hot ironing plate. This hot plate ensures that stubborn creases from materials like linen, cotton and denim stand no chance. NONE!

When using on delicate materials, just use the net guard. This ensures the metal plate doesn’t damage any silk, chiffon, satin, cashmere, beads, sequins or anything else you’d find on delicate garments (including wedding dresses and Asian clothing such as saris). Check out our video on how to steam a wedding dress!







Here at Fridja, we’re very shallow and we’re not afraid to admit it. We NEED our appliances to look the part. So many steamers are just FUGLY. We refused to bring out a travel clothes steamer that looked anything other than gorgeous! Sporting three colours, Raf (Black), Erin (White) and Gigi (Pink) are the best looking clothes steamers on the planet. We hope you agree!





Our clothes steamer lasts for a whopping 14 minutes MINIMUM. There’s a continuous steam button, so there’s no holding down the button either. You won’t be filling up the tank over and over again when steaming, leaving you time to get refresh fabrics and zap all the creases away!

Our f10 handheld travel steamer weighs under 900g, which is super light. That means you can steam away without any strain to your arms and shoulders!


Handheld Clothes Steamers



Our f10 Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer comes with a host of accessories that are actually really useful (gasp!) Here’s a breakdown.

Water Bottle Adaptor


When travelling, you want to be as light as possible. Especially when you’re only travelling with hand luggage. We’ve all been there, you think the hotel will have an iron (which still isn’t as good as a steamer), and you get there and it’s not available. Or an Airbnb just doesn’t have an iron. So you get out your shirt or dress and it’s a crumpled mess. Nightmare. No longer we say! Instead of carrying the water bottle, just bring the water bottle adaptor! Just slot it in and use the local water!

Travel Clothes Steamer

Folding Hanger


Because it’s much easier to steam when garments are hung up, just use this!Travel Clothes Steamer

Collar Adaptor


In order to get the most sharp collar, we’ve developed the collar press adaptor, particularly awesome for shirts. Just slip this under the collar and get PERFECT collars every time.

Handheld Travel Steamer Collar Press

Luxury Carry Case


We couldn’t complete our new handheld travel clothes steamer without an awesome carry case, so we didn’t! Put all your accessories and steamer in it’s home!


Handheld Travel Steamer Luxury Carry Case

To conclude, we are SO HAPPY with our new clothes steamer and we think you will be too. Find out more here and purchase one in our shop today here.

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Fridja f1000 and f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch Video

In January 2018, Fridja f1000 and f1400 Clothes Steamers Relaunch! We’ve made 5 new improvements and we couldn’t wait to tell you. This video tells you all about it!



We’ve reconstructed the head of our clothes steamers into one solid unibody stainless steel panel. The removal of all screws was an engineering feat that allows you ultimate confidence when steaming even the most delicate of garments. Now the heads are 100% smooth with better flow and glide than ever before!



Faster Heat Up Time

Now using an f1000 or f1400 is so much faster! From cold water to hot steam is now only 35 seconds! We’ve shaved off a massive 10 seconds from the start up time. This 22.5% improvement means that by the time you’ve turned on your machine and hung up your garment, you’ll be ready to steam. In the office we managed to steam a shirt in under 3 minutes total and under 2 minutes for a dress!



More Steam

We are now proud to say that our best selling steamers emit even more steam than they did. Our average steam output was 25 grams per seconds, we’ve now turned that up to a whopping 30 grams per second. This 20% increase will melt creases even faster. Glide the steamer over even the most stubborn of creases and they will simply melt away.



Improved Stand

Our stands now use special clamps to go from storage size to full size. By using clamps, the action of erecting the steamer is much much faster and much safer. Opening a clamp and closing it takes no time, and ensures you are steaming much much faster than before.


Improved Accessories and Multilingual Instruction Manual

Our steamers now come with instruction manuals with five languages inside! That’s right, our French, Spanish, Italian and German customers will have full instructions out of the box. Should you wish to peruse them right now, please click these links for our f1000 instruction manual and our f1400 instruction manual. Our steamers now come with two cleaning sachets in the box, which will last for 3 years for domestic use. These cleaning sachets will remove all limescale from the heater and steamer head, ensuring a clean and steady steam flow. A clean heater will also lead to a long and productive life of a steamer.



The UK and Europe’s best clothes steamers just got even better! The question is, when will the model with these improvements be released? The wonderful answer? 1st January 2018! Every steamer bought from now on will now have these improvements!

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